North Fort Collins, CO
Phone : (970)988-2667

Eclipse Ranch

Dedicated To Raising & Training Quality Performance Horses


45 DAYS FULL CARE                                                     $9 0 0


This service includes:

  • 10' X 20' Stall w/Attached 36' Run (enclosed bottom rungs)  For 1 Mare

  • Heated Automatic Waterer

  • Cleaned 3 to 4x/week

  • Fed Hay 3 Times Daily & Grain (Safechoice Mare/Foal and Purina Amplify)

  • Ocaisional Turnout (Alone)

  • Daily Blanketing As Needed For Mare and Newborn Foal
    - Owner Must Provide Blankets -

  • Checked On Every Hour By Wireless Camera

  • Stall Bedded Down With Straw

  • Heat Lamps Available As Needed
We have raised many foals, and we treat your mare the same as we would one of our own, they get top of the line care (as described above) and attention and foals are tended to appropriately. No imprinting, handled just enough to provide necessary care such as bedadine on umbilicus, biosponge treatment for diarrhea, etc... Mares must begin their stay with us a minimum of 30 days prior to foaling so that their body can build up the proper immunity to their new environment to pass along to their foals.


  • "Paige is such a lovely gal (please know we have noticed and appreciated her kindness to our gals). We would value whatever level of contribution she makes. Having her around 2 s..."
    Sheryl Cammarata
  • "It was a pleasure meeting you today and seeing your place. You are a very talented and remarkable young lady! I feel confident you will do a super job."
  • "Paige Melbye you are an amazing horse trainer, role model to my daughter Amber Wright, and a good friend. I thank God that he made our paths cross. Thank you for everything."
    Wendy Lacy


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