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Eclipse Ranch

Dedicated To Raising & Training Quality Performance Horses


Lessons may pertain to any of the following content:
- Groundwork
- Basic foundation for the rider
- Basic foundation for the horse
- Reining
- Barrel Racing
- All Around performance
- English & Low level jumping foundation
- Cattle Sorting
- Cutting
1 Hour Private Riding Lesson

Our Horse       $55
Your Horse      $40

1 Hour Private Working Cattle Lesson

Our Horse $80
Your Horse $65

2 Hour Group Lesson (3 Riders)

Our Horse $40
Your Horse $25


$100 /DAY SHOW


$250 /CIRCUIT (3 DAYS)

+ $20 Hauling Fee/Horse (round trip up to 60 miles)

Show coaching is spending the show day with you, helping you prepare your horse, practicing patterns throughout the day and coaching you as you enter each class. You will be responsible for the class fees of what ever classes you choose to enter.

* Referral of a new client : 1 Free Lesson

* $5 off private lessons & group lessons for current boarders

We have horses available for lease for advanced, knowledgeable, skilled riders who are interested in showing
With every new rider, we start by seeing what the rider's goals are and what they hope to achieve and learn. We can teach riders everything from the ground up so (if desired) they can learn how to groom, halter, tie and handle a horse on the ground and proper safety as they learn how to saddle, flex/stretch and lunge the horse before they learn to ride. We specialize in all disciplines but primarily reining as well as show coaching of any discipline. We often practice exercises such as riding bareback, riding with no stirrups, english and western. Practicing patterns, two-tracking, side passing, pivoting, circles, figure eights and many more. And we encourage riders to ride more than just one horse so they become better riders as every horse learns and responds differently from one another. Once beginner riders have mastered the basic skills we work on their future goals. All depending on the rider and their passion, drive and goals for what they want. If the rider provides the goals, we will provide the training to get there.


All riders should be in proper attire while at the barn. This means, Jeans or Breeches, boots and spurs ( if your horse requires ). Also appropriate layers when its cold out such as gloves and winter jackets. No shorts (when riding), no flip flops! or tennis shoes (when riding). Accompanying parents should also be wearing proper foot wear such as boots or tennis shoes. No flip flops!


If you do not call, email or text to cancel your lesson and you do not show up for your lesson (no call/no show). You will still be charged for the lesson! No exceptions! Lessons must be paid for the same day they are taken or in advance.


  • "It was great to get on Ripp again, and yes it was like riding a new horse! How awesome, I'm pleased with what you have done with him. I'm very excited to get some lessons on him..."
  • "You are so awesome Paige. Thank you. I truly consider you a great friend and clinician and value your friendship, expertise and advise greatly. I look forward to riding with y..."
  • "Paige, Thank you for the time and hard work you put into making my little paint, Dolly, a quiet & safe ride. She is doing very well at home! I am no longer hesitant to get in ..."

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