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Eclipse Ranch

Dedicated To Raising & Training Quality Performance Horses

ღ   Horse Training   ღ

Our Program :               $650/month


* 2 horses : $50/horse

* 5% discount for training paid in advance the week prior to due date
                    (Does not combine with multiple month discount.)

* 3 months paid in advance : $50 off per month per horse

* Referral of a new client : $25 off one months training

My name is Paige Melbye. I showed in 4-H as a member for 9 years and am currently a 4H leader, certified 4H riding levels rater and was the 2015 Larimer County Fair & Rodeo Queen. I have ridden with reining trainer Lance Shockley. I have been showing horses with AQHA since 2008 and have grown up in the circuit with my mom showing her AQHA reining stallion and colts since 1992. I have given many 4-H riding clinics and have been on the cover of a Group Magazine issue. I have many years experience training, riding, and showing.

I am very thorough with the horses I train. Whether you are looking for a horse to take to a show, a pleasure horse to ride around home or on the trails or a horse that you know you can take through a parade, carry a flag and be absolutely spook proof. Or even a horse that does all of that!  I have kind and soft hands, and a lot of patience, but also a firm and strong nature when necessary to instill respect and willingness in my colts. Not just one way works with every horse, they all learn differently and I have many different training techniques I have developed over my years of training.

I focus strongly on the overall health of the horses mind and body. I stretch and flex horses daily to help soften their top line and build their core and back muscles to make for a "round horse" and not a "hollow horse" this makes the horse happier and makes it easier for him to ride out smoothly and willingly without fighting with him.


I start all horses with a solid foundation and work extensively on ground work and response; and conditioning the body properly for riding in order to make the horses training experience as enjoyable as possible. Please remember that all horses learn at a different pace and it is up to the horse to determine how quickly they learn in their stay here with us. We teach and incorporate as much as is appropriate for each horse's learning level.

We will have cattle fall 2017 to work horses on as well.

Training Internship Program

Eclipse Ranch is now offering a horse training internship for qualified applicants who are considering a career in the equine industry or an equestrian lifestyle. This is an opportunity for individuals to further their riding skills, training, general horse care knowledge and stable management skills. Our ranch is a full-time, year round, family based operation which offers training, lessons, boarding, clinics, breeding and sales. There are no weekends or holidays when it comes to horses! If you are looking for a riding vacation then this internship is not for you.

Typical duties may include: (depending on ability, interests and length of internship)
- Grooming & Tacking & Wrapping horses
- Warm Up & Cool Down of horses
- Providing wound care as needed
- Exercising horses
- Round penning
- Starting horses under saddle
- Working clinics and competitions
- Stall cleaning, turnout, feeding and nutritional analysis
- Paddock maintenance
- Assisting vet, farrier, dentist, chiropractor, etc.
- Working with clients
- Assisting Instructors 
- Creating lesson plans
- Teaching lessons under supervision

To apply please send a resume, including 2 references, and a cover letter briefly describing why you would like to work with us and what your equine goals are. Please specify the month or months you wish to intern.

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Magazine Cover 2010

Colt Starting Pics : ~ 2008 - September 2012

Colt Starting Pics : Sept. 2012 - April 2014

Colt Starting Pics : April 2014 - Present

  • "Silk"
  • "Bea"
  • "Sweetie"
  • "Max"
  • "Sahal"
  • "Pandora"
  • "Cutter"
  • "MOCHA"
  • "SUNND"
  • Mocha
  • Mocha
  • Mocha
  • Mocha
  • Mocha


  • "I REALLY appreciate all you've done with Tuffy; my friend Annette, When her horse took off I thought Tuffy might get pretty worked up and want to run after her..he was a little ..."
    Hasty Gilbreth
  • "Andera was wondering if she could join your 4H club? She loves taking lessons from you and wants to stay within your circle of activities."
  • "Julie and Paige have some beautiful horses at Eclipse Ranch. You know they are getting the best of care."
    Sharon Westerholm

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