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Paige Melbye

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Quotes I'm a horse lover as well, and I've just started my own training business! I was really impressed with your websight, and C.L. ad. Your free style was really cool, I watched the video. Quotes
Jesse James

Quotes Tuffy's doing real good. I've been trail riding with him. I took him over to the Ranch a week ago...we were there by ourselves.....he was such a good boy. Quotes
Hasty Gilbreth

Quotes Hi, Dodge is doing great! I am very happy with the way you have him going! Quotes
Katherine Wilson

Quotes Dear Paige, It was so amazing to see you work with the horses today. You have got a talent and a discipline as a trainer that is so stunning. They have changed so much in such a short time. Your Mom said that the colt has really taken to you, and you two have a sort of bond that enables him to work with you so well. You have to congratulate yourself on that fact, because several good trainers have stepped up to work with him on different occasions and he has rejected them and their training pretty steadfastly. I was amazed at how he would do anything for you, and I didn't even imagine he could be worked that much and be so clearly content about it. I learned a lot today watching and listening to you, and it was very exciting. You have so much balance and grace when you ride, it makes it look easy, like you're floating on air. Quotes
Caroline Carey

Quotes Hope learns so quickly. She is a great influence on my buckskin. We all went out trail riding last Saturday. My buckskin got excited and reared. The whole time Hope just stayed calm and ignored his tantrum. Then Joker did just fine and seemed to get it out of his system. I really enjoy riding her. She's great alone or with others. I'm in heaven and I think she is pretty happy too. She and Joker get along great. They are best buddies. Best part is they both come running when I call or whistle. Quotes
Laura Chitwood

Quotes Hello ladies! I wanted to share with you how much I love Elvis. We did our first Trail ride the other day and he did so wonderful. He seems like a seasoned veteran already. He's a wonderful boy! Quotes
Ginny Barrett

Quotes I REALLY appreciate all you've done with Tuffy; my friend Annette, When her horse took off I thought Tuffy might get pretty worked up and want to run after her..he was a little excited but was such a good boy and walked back to the barn where she was whinnying like crazy for him. Quotes
Hasty Gilbreth

Quotes Wow! You're doing so well with him! It's great that you've done more with him in 10 days than 2 other trainers did in 2 months! I really feel like I'm getting my moneys worth with you! You are a true blue honest horse person. I know you will become well known, not just from your skills but for your honesty and hard work. I really believe you have a gift with horses and I appreciate it so much!! Quotes
Hasty Gilbreth
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