Fort Collins, Colorado 
Phone : (970)988-2667

Eclipse Ranch

Dedicated To Raising & Training Quality Performance Horses 
                               Golden Retrievers


Training & Lessons may pertain to any of the following content:
- Groundwork
- Colt Starting
- Basic foundation for the rider
- Basic foundation for the horse
- Reining
- Ranch Riding & Ranch Trail
- Working Cow Horse (boxing, driving, fencing)
- Cattle Sorting
- Cutting

45 Minute Private Lesson: $60

Group Cow Lesson: $60/horse

Monthly Training: $1,500
Includes grain, blanketing, turnout, full care board and daily training.

Show Fees:
Day Charge: $50/day & 25% of winnings
Show Coaching: $50/day
Hauling: $.50/mile

Expenses will be divided between horses including meals, lodging, parking, tack stalls, etc. And clients will each be fully responsible for their horses' stall, shavings, entry fees, etc.

About us:

Head Trainer: Paige Melbye-Lara           LTE:

Paige showed in 4-H for 9 years, has been a 4H horse leader, certified 4H riding levels rater and was the 2015 Larimer County Fair & Rodeo Queen. She has given many riding clinics and has been featured on the cover of Group Magazine. She has been riding ever since she was born and training professionally since she was 14 years old. She has over 25 years' experience training, riding, and showing.

At Eclipse Ranch, we are very thorough with the horses and the riders that we train and only take a select number at any given time to ensure each horse and rider get the time they need and deserve. We teach riders to work with kind and soft hands, and patience, as well as a firm nature when necessary to gain respect and willingness with the horse. Not just one way works with every horse and rider, they all learn differently, so we have many different training techniques, developed over the years of training, to be able to find the perfect fit for each horse and riders learning style and ability.

We focus strongly on the overall health of the horses' mind and body, stretching and flexing horses is a key component to help soften their top line and build their core and back muscles to make for a "round horse" and not a "hollow horse", this makes the horses happier and makes it easier for them to ride out smoothly and willingly.

We have cattle as well for training on cutting, sorting and WCH.

With every new rider, we start by seeing what the rider's goals are and what they hope to achieve and learn. We can teach riders everything from the ground up so (if desired) they can learn how to groom, halter, tie and handle a horse on the ground and proper safety as they learn how to saddle, flex/stretch and lunge the horse before they learn to ride. We specialize in all disciplines but primarily reining as well as show coaching of any discipline. We often practice exercises such as riding bareback, and riding with no stirrups. Practicing patterns, two-tracking, side passing, pivoting, circles, figure eights and many more. And we encourage riders to ride more than just one horse so they become better riders as every horse learns and responds differently from one another. Once beginner riders have mastered the basic skills we work on their future goals. All depending on the rider and their passion, drive and goals for what they want. If the rider provides the goals, we will provide the training to get there.

We are always welcoming new riders on to our performance horse show team as well!

We also offer internships on a case-by-case basis. Please email us for more information if you are interested in our internship program. 


All riders should be in proper attire while at the barn. This means, Jeans, boots and spurs (if your horse requires them). Also, appropriate layers when it's cold out such as gloves and winter jackets. No shorts (when riding), or tennis shoes (when riding). Accompanying parents should also be wearing proper footwear such as boots or tennis shoes. No flip flops ever!


If you do not call, email or text to cancel your lesson and you do not show up for your lesson (no call/no show). You will still be charged for the lesson! No exceptions! Lessons must be paid for the same day they are taken or in advance.


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