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Dexter Cattle

About Dexter Cattle:

Known as the world's smallest full sized cattle, Dexters are a wonderful homestead breed of cattle. Dual purpose, they are bred for the perfect balance of beef and milk production to meet the needs of a family. Cows produce 2-2.5 gallons of milk per day. Steers have hanging weights of 350-500 pounds. The expected average yield is 50 to 60 percent. The beef is slightly darker red than other breeds. They mature in 18 to 24 months and result in smaller cuts of high quality lean meat, graded choice, with little waste. Proportions are also of a smaller size, which benefits for a healthier eating style.

As a bovine breed, Dexter’s are considered very docile and are gentle. These animals are very hardy and they can thrive in both hot and cold climates year round needing only a windbreak, shelter, fresh water and forage. With these unique overall traits, Dexter Cattle are considered the perfect old-fashioned family cow. 


2018 Red Steer
2018 ADCA lineage red dexter steer. Parents are polled and A2/A2.

Not For Sale:

Moosters Little Hunk
ADCA #043412
PDCA #300464-C
2017 Red Bull
PDCA #208383
2015 Black Cow
PDCA #208852
2017 Black Heifer

SSR Cinni Mini

PDCA # 300670

2018 Red Heifer

Moosters Rebecca
ADCA #033113
2013 Red Cow


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